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Seeing the open lot of land for sale along US-HWY 158 appealed to owner Tom Linkous originally from the small town of Bluefield, WV.  Living in NC for the last 19 years when the opportunity came to purchase the land the idea started for Davie RV & Boat Storage.  All around Davie County many people enjoy camping out and spending time with their families and the outdoors.  Having peace of mind where you store your RV or boat goes a long way when enjoying your vacation and protecting your asset.  People will invest a lot of time and money into there RV’s.  Tom, coming from a father who was in the military always preached to him to take care of things you work for and they will last is what brought the idea for the covered storage option.  Having a covered option to make your investment last was very important to him.  Many people live in communities with HOA restrictions or simply don’t have room at their residence to store their “TOYS”.  People take pride in their campers and boats spending quality time in them, they want them to last and to be protected!  If your hobby is camping or boating these things are extremely important to you. These are huge purchases and take up huge spaces that need to be stored in a place dedicated for them protected from the elements of mother nature along with high end security, LED lighting and 24 hour access for customers!!   We look forward to seeing you in 2021 and hear your story!!





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